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GreenTraveler: World's Best Travel-Friendly Food Container

We hope to answer the 'why, what, who' questions and others you might have.

Green Traveler, LLC is a California-based company that designs reusable, conveniently portable containers and accessories for food in everyday life. Our products can be used for anything you can imagine on any adventure, but they were designed for daily use when commuting to work or school. 

Pack lunch at home, or bring leftovers away from a restaurant without disposing of another container.

Literally anywhere.... such freedom! Be creative! The GreenTraveler container has many uses!

Out in a sunny park for a picnic...
Out in a sunny park for a picnic...
#GreenTraveler on a hike ...
#GreenTraveler on a hike ...
... Or to the office
... Or to the office

 Why is GreenTraveler the world's best?

We created the GreenTraveler to offer a solution to people who leave the house and want a convenient, travel-friendly way to take food on-the-go without messes like these:

Ditch the unreliable, leaky and wasteful containers and carry your GreenTraveler everyday, everywhere!
Ditch the unreliable, leaky and wasteful containers and carry your GreenTraveler everyday, everywhere!

How often  do you wish you had your favorite food with you to avoid going hungry or spending money on over-priced restaurant food?

While trying to use other portable containers, we were tired of leaks, spills, having only one compartment leaving our food soggy, inconvenient shapes and sizes that don't fit in a bag, and throwing away disposable to-go containers that didn't work very well anyway.

Thinking back, you may have memories of battling some problems that standard food containers pose...

With GreenTraveler everywhere as your primary container with six liquid-tight compartments, two carabiner clip loops, volume and weight printed on each compartment for portion control, or buying food from a hot bar and not being charged the weight of the container. You may be amazed how many uses it really has has - keep liquids in, keep rain and water out, use for first aid, or baby supplies, or for any items you need protected.

What does the GreenTraveler offer?

Out answer to 'What is GreenTraveler?'  is all about the features... It is more than just a food container. For us at GreenTraveler, the world's most convenient, waste-free, portable container is a cylinder with carabiner loops and 6 compartments. GreenTraveler was inspired by a reusable water bottle, which we carry everywhere to avoid disposable plastic bottles... the same problem.

Check out the Features

For this size and shape, plastic is still the best material. But don't be afraid of it. We made sure it has no BPA or phthalates so it won't leach chemicals in your food, even in a microwave. Chances are you are already eating out of plastic with food you buy at the grocery store or your containers at home. The plastic used in the Original GreenTraveler is approved by the food safety foundations for food around the world.

GreenTraveler Specs
GreenTraveler Specs

 To see these features in motion, see our rendered animation in this short video:

Who is this really designed for?

We designed this for people who eat and are away from their house at meal times. Take your favorite foods anywhere. It also helps save money because you won't need to buy pre-made expensive food at a restaurant and saves disposable container waste because you can take away food from a restaurant in your reusable GreenTraveler.

It is not only for adventure travel or active lifestyles, although adventurers will love it. It is for the commuter who goes to a job all day. The student who goes to school. Hobbyist photographers or fishermen. The GreenTraveler is for people who leave the house and want good food wherever they are. 

Who can use the GreenTraveler? Adventurers, Commuters, Families, Students, and Travelers.
Made for adventurers, commuters, Families, students, and travelers.

The world has taken notice.....

Thanks to all media sources! More are covering this campaign than we can possibly include. These were some of the first to publish.
Thanks to all media sources! More are covering this campaign than we can possibly include. These were some of the first to publish.

 We made it to Times Square!

We made it to Times Square!

How does it work?

The Original GreenTraveler may feel like a puzzle the first time, but once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder why it didn't exist before.

... Assembly is easy, too!
... Assembly is easy, too!


Just put some food in it and off you go :)
Just put some food in it and off you go :)

Is it worth the cost?

The GreenTraveler replaces many items you may use every day and saves $$$.

GreenTraveler is worth the price!
GreenTraveler is worth the price!

Warranty and liability:

Manufacturer's defects are covered for a month. Just send picture or video of the defect to us and we will get a replacement part sent to you.

GreenTraveler covers its products under normal use for life. We want you to enjoy our products your whole life and never see them in a landfill. We also offer a recycling program to provide a replacement part with free shipping if you ship the broken part to us (or send a photo of it in the proper recycle bin).

Then and Now

This project just kept calling us to be born! This is our first Kickstarter, but not our first business. As serial entrepreneurs with finance experience, we put all our intelligence, time, and money starting in November 2015 to make it a reality with full force.

Here is how far we've come with this project:

Jamesoming from investment banking and business development backgrounds we know what makes a business successful and what makes them fail. We are aware of the growth stages and are planning for them to eventually grow to become a mature, multinational enterprise.

Our product has shown proof of functionality and a need in the market place, even to some that weren't already aware of their need.

GreenTraveler Evolution

We hope you'll enjoying using your new adventure toy. Take it everywhere and see how useful it can be.

Connect with us on social media and stay tuned as we have new innovations coming to you!

 THANK YOU from the GreenTraveler Team!

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