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The Essence of Why GreenTraveler

I would like to share a video a friend sent me. This is the essence of why I created the GreenTraveler. I coulcdn't have created a better video myself. Love the colors and settings... Do not know who to credit for this, but I am sure they appreciate if we share it. Please let me know if you have a direct link to the creator's video.



But what about a reusable plate? The GreenTraveler is, in my humble view the best reusable plate as it seals and keeps the dirty side hidden. Why have the creators of this video not shown a solution for the plastic plate they used? Because there really isn't one!... Until the GreenTraveler. 

I hope all of you reading this will share the link to this page with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones on social media and in real life. The world needs more awareness about the sustainable, healthy, waste-free, lifestyle that GreenTraveler, and the protagonists in this video promotes. The convenience of having a container for food is beneficial for you and the planet. Please use it anywhere and everywhere. The environment wants you to!