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GreenTraveler's Purpose

We are problem solvers.

This solves a need for those who want to choose which foods they eat during a day out of the house without worrying about buying expensive food from an unhealthy restaurant, using single-use containers, or going hungry.

GreenTraveler is about adventure. It is about leaving your house for a day and carrying sustenance. Carrying your favorite foods from home or away from a hot food bar at Wholefoods market. 

Take your foods to the mountains, the beach, on picnics, the office or anywhere you go. We have hunted around and still think the world needs a better reusable food container for meal prep and adventure travel. Try to find a better one that is liquid tight, has four compartments, a carabiner to clip to anything and fits easily with any bag. 

How many tupperware-style containers or bentobox-style containers have you tried and how many of them leak, don't fit conveniently in a bag and are just too cumbersom to be carried. We think pretty much all of them.

Now you can take food away from a restaurant without wasting a single-use container or take food from home anywhere your adventure leads you. No messes, no leaking, just meal preparation at it's finest.

We think our containers are the best there is. We have put years of development work into making this the best container you can buy! Get yours now!

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We hope you like it!