Go green by packing waste-free school lunches!

For most of us these days, packing a healthy lunch in reusable lunch containers has become vital for a healthy living. Even meals served at many schools have returned to freshly cooked foods and local produce. In fact, many schools are instituting “trash-free” lunch policies by asking parents to use eco-friendly lunch boxes and reusable lunch containers. If the school of your ward has recently adopted a waste-free or reduced waste guidelines for packing lunches, here are four essential items for eco-friendly mid-day meals.


Many of us grew up picking out a fantastic lunch box for each new year of school. That back-to-school shopping ritual hasn’t lost its charm. These days, eco-friendly lunch box are much more in demand. They are leak-free reusable lunch container with multiple compartments to pack everything you want for lunch in one convenient lunch box. Reusable compartmentalized container is perfect at keeping food fresh all day. So, use eco-friendly lunch box to pack healthy food that your child would enjoy.


Only one out of every five plastic bottles of water purchased is recycled. This means that somewhere around thirty-eight billion plastic water bottles each year go into landfills and the ocean. By using a sturdy reusable water bottle, your child can have fresh, clean water with them all day without creating any waste at all. A good reusable water bottle can last year if properly cared for. This is one of the most simple and cost effective ways to reduce the waste from your child’s lunch.


We are the generation who grew up with paper napkins and paper towels as an intrinsic part of household. Yet only a few generations earlier, the cloth was the standard for household supplies like napkins, tablecloths, cleaning rags and more. More than a quarter of the waste in landfills is the paper waste. Doing something as simple as switching over to cloth napkins can make a significant impact. So instead of using paper napkins start using cloth napkins and make the earth a better place to live!!


If you give your children utensils in their lunch box, it’s high time that you switch over from plastic disposable utensils to standard household utensils. If you’re afraid that they might throw them away and ruin the matching set, go to the local thrift store or antique mart and grab tons of reusable utensils for a very small monetary investment. It is one of the best ways to contribute towards the safety of the environment.

With these four simple changes to your kid’s lunch essentials, you will be able to shift to a waste-free lunch packing system. By reducing your plastic and paper waste and by adopting reusable lunch containers and eco-friendly lunch boxes, you’re not only making choices that are better for your child’s health and wellness, but on the whole for the planet and the future generations.