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Celebrate sustainable love with nature-friendly gifts

February 14 – Valentine’s Day – is a day to profess feelings of love, affection, and friendship for one another in an even more passionate and extraordinary manner. What better way to celebrate than supporting or lending a helping hand to the ground you stand on, the air you breathe, and the water you consume. Whether you give each other a reusable to-go container; host an Eco-Elegant Valentine’s ball; or work together to make earth more sustainable, there are many ways by which you can make this romantic day a memorable one, in a sustainable way.



Choosing a reusable to-go container as Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone makes them think that you are exceptional enough to give them something that sustains life rather than depletes it. The GreenTraveler is THE unique Leak-Free Reusable To-Go Container with multiple compartments that you can put inside or outside of your bag. It is made up of ABS plastic due to its technical and food safe properties. At a given point of time, a person can carry up to 44 oz (1.3 L) of the volume of food. ABS plastic is 100% recyclable.


Your sweetheart might love chocolate, but getting it from an organic source is one of the best ways to support a greener sweet craving habit. Gift a chocolate that is naturally nutrient-rich and mood-enhancing. Some find it to be a great Aphrodisiac.) The dark chocolate promotes cardiovascular health while iron promotes blood, muscle and brain function. The more pure, less milch and sugar, the better. The slow release of glucose into the bloodstream leads to more suitable after-meal blood glucose levels.


If you want to bring him/her flowers, why not something that will keep blooming? Find a nice indoor container plant that’s local to your area, or try out a creative set of succulents, which create beautiful patterns through the leaves and require little water. If your partner is a great cook, then gift him/her a window planter filled with herb plants which can be used year round in all the dishes. For a special outing in the lap of nature, escape to a local botanical garden or park to take in the mesmerizing views.


Giving a green gift in the name of eco-support will speak volumes of love for each other and for the Earth. You both can make inexpensive donations in the name of a loved one such as: 1) Saving old growth forest, 2) Defending marine life, 3) Helping wildlife, and 4) Support an organization working to uphold environmental laws, protect wildlife and safeguard our natural heritage.


Spend the day planting an organic garden. This way you enjoy a mutual activity and get to enjoy the health, eco and budget benefits all year long! Every day should be Valentine’s Day and people should be celebrating love every day! Use this Valentine’s to celebrate eco-friendly love with reusable to-go containers, by giving a locally, organically grown plant, by volunteering and many other such activities. This can easily become a beacon for like-minded folks who will follow your lead.

Share what you unique activity you did for loved one today in a comment below.