James Robinson



James is a rockstar environmental engineer and MBA, having spent the last few years working in business development and investment banking. Although originally from Colorado, he now calls home Sweden, where he lives with his wife and enjoys the outdoors, taking his Green Traveler camping, hiking, and on other trips abroad.  He and Josey have been great friends since '96, and he and Juliene since '08.

Favorite Color: Patton Green and Brown

Favorite Adventure: Getting married in Seychelles

Favorite Cuisine: Spicy Mexican!

Juliene Wintermute



Juliene is an entrepreneur, engineer, artist, and world traveler.  She loves the environment and works hard to see it maintain its integrity.  After [literally] living all over the place, she now calls Montana home base where she lives with her sweetie and two "standard black" cats (while she eagerly checks the animal shelter daily for the right-fit dog).

She met James in the environmental engineering undergrad program in Nor Cal where the GreenTraveler idea manifested. James always spoke highly of "his friend, Josey" and she is pleased to now call him her friend as well.

Favorite Color: Sand dune yellow/orange, Purple, and Sky Blue

Favorite Adventure: Sailing from the east coast of Panama through the Panama Canal up the west coast to Guatemala and backpacking home (with James!)

Favorite Cuisine: Anything Indian - especially if it has eggplant!

Josey Z. Zadoria

Art and Marketing Director


Josey is the awesome media guy! Although originally from New York City, where he earned his Masters Degree from the State University of NY in Digital Arts and Film, he now lives in Singapore.  Josey has worked as a freelance graphic designer and marketing executive both in the print industry and film and broadcast for almost 18 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the GreenTraveler team from his vast work experiences with companies like Disney and WB.  He decided to join the GreenTraveler team at the end of '14 after reconnecting with James in the Philippines.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Adventure: Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Favorite Cuisine: [Authentic] Chicken Souvlaki or New York Chicken Parmesan



James and I met during college as environmental engineering students in Northern California. As adventuring sustainably-minded students with on-the-go lifestyles, we both wanted a more convenient way to carry food and freedom from single-use items. We were fed up to our noses with the disposable or even “compostable” to-go containers getting tossed after a simple lunch trip to the local and oh-so delicious organic deli. Broken mason jars were getting the best of us and although we didn't enjoy using plastic bags, we were relegated to using them in a sore attempt to contain the inevitable tupperware leak.

Amidst the hustle of undergraduate life, James and I entered into a business plan competition - having essentially no clue what our idea was. (James and I often live life like this ... if you force yourself into a challenge, you will come out stronger and smarter.)

Through vigorous, relaxed brainstorming, the Green Traveler was born.  We wanted to solve our own problem of not having the option of a no-nonsense to-go container.  People loved the idea since they had the exact same problem.  So, we bring you the GreenTraveler - the world's first no-nonsense, convenient and leak-proof to-go container.

During some travels to the Philippines together with James, Josey decided to join the GreenTraveler team. With his charming personality and epic graphic artistry, he has become a great addition.

We're over-the-moon excited to bring you the GreenTraveler and contribute a bit of awesomeness to your adventure of life.




Food comes from the Earth. We love the Earth … and we love its food! 💚 We don't want the awesome necessity of eating to be tainted by waste! Our products are intended to be reusable so that you need fewer single-use containers.

As a business we are committed to creating products that consider people and the planet with every decision. Our goal is for you to be able to use our products for life – we designed them to last! Plastic is an unfortunate necessity to make them durable and reliably liquid tight. Rest assured there are no phthlates or BPA in our product so it is safe for the whole family. It is the same non-reactive plastic as LEGO.

Our mission is to give YOU a convenient way to take food with you either from home or take-out – no more leaks, no more spills, no more pesky lids popping off.

Here at GreenTraveler we are peacefully fighting against styrofoam, and even compostable to-go containers that end up in the landfill - waxed cardboard, disposable coffee cups, and plastic bags. We don't need to go into the details of the Ocean Gyres, the deforestation in the Amazon. If you are here, chances are that you know about all this already. What matters to each consumer is convenience. We made a product for convenience that is also more sustainable. Feel good when using your GreenTraveler!

Our commitments are:

  • Bringing you the most dynamic, useful, and sustainable to-go ware yet,
  • Donating 1% of net income to natural resource conservation funds,
  • Encouraging recycling of all our products,
  • Limiting transportation distances and carbon impact,
  • Reducing packaging when shipping, and
  • Transparency in our sustainability reports.

Our goals include:

  • Creating a mail-back recycling program where IF one of our products does reach its end of life with you, you can just send it back to us so it gets turned into another GreenTraveler, and
  • Design a zero-waste production and distribution cycle.